Friday, 30 November 2012

For friends who lacks time for friends... Friendship moments

 I always waited for this day for which my eyes made a beautiful dream since long time. From long time i was excited to move forward to get next step of my life but suddenly my mind start thinking that i would like to hold the time. On those talks which we hold and cried a lot, today on those talks i laughed a lot. Don’t know why today those talks, moments and things are scratching me to remember again that past. My mind saying that those five years how i spent, how i bare but today don’t know something i left behind. Said, asked and requests like thousands of things are surrounding, which we won't forget. Who will pull my leg, just to eat my brain, who will follow me...
             Here there is no value of thousands of rupees, while there was fight for spending few rupees on each other. Now to whom should i fight for any reason, without any topic with whom should i discussed rubbish things, those happy moments with whom should i share. Where I will find such friends who kick me from mountain and then to save me they also jump.
            Who will irritate by my poems and by watching me to talk with some other girl who will shocked. With whom I’ll bear those lectures in class room, on professors "PG" who will laugh loudly. Who dares to call my certificate Scrap.whithout any fear who will tell me truth and right suggestion?

            Suddenly without any reason by watching anyone who will laugh like a idiot, don’t know when it will happen again. Say my friends, “it will happen again…” for friends, who will fight with professor and others (Bhai)…? Will these days come again…?

            Who will assure me on my own and if i fly in air with over confidence who  will dragged me to the surface of ground. At my happiest moments who will participate from bottom of heart and in my sorrowfulness, who will feel sad more than me.

            Still there is lots of things to be write, some things may remain along with me. I am scaring from just one thing that we won’t become Stranger to each other. In beautiful colors of life, friendship color won’t become dull or faded. I wish it won’t happen that in our personal and other relation, our friendship should not stop taking breath… (Or Die)

In our whole life, Wish! Try to meet each other and if not possible then remember us once…
Thought you laugh on me however you want…;-), I don’t mind at all. This smile…;-) I’ll  take in my mind and when I’ll remember you with this same smile I’ll  also make myself pleased.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Know more about Tea & Coffee

No Wonder from long time tea and coffee are a necessary part of our daily diet. we can say that about every person takes it daily. But, most of people wants to know that we should take it or not. Scientist have found that Caffeine and tannin are present in tea, coffee etc, which give freshness us for a short period of time, but in the long term it is a poison for our body.Caffeine is present in enough amounts in tea and coffee both. Coffee has 3 times more caffeine than tea has.

I have found out some advantages on Tea and Coffee which we must aware of it.

It lessens tiredness for some time due to Caffeine present in tea and coffee which activates brain give feeling of wellness. If we have slight headache, then it is removed by tea and coffee.It gives relief in asthma for some period of time.Tannin, which is present in tea, kills viruses. Tea has enough quantity of, so it prevents caries in teeth.It removes bad smell of mouth.It removes the danger of cancer, heart disease a little.

Some other advantages of coffee

Caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid in coffee has antioxidant properties which can effectively scavenge free radicals, slow aging coffee stimulates the central nervous system of brain inside body.It has antioxidant properties and can promote urination, elimination of edema. It can help you lose weight. Coffee can promote metabolism, reduce heat and so it can achieve weight loss results. Antidepressants effect of coffee can make people happy and full of spirit, also can relieve depression.

There are disadvantages of Tea and Coffee that we must know

As of now we all know Tea and coffee has a lot of benefits to human body, as they say every coin has two sides, this is also the same with tea and coffee.

For Tea Users

Caffeine is harmful vitamin B, so it reducese the body's energy. Initial caffeine will increase the internal energy of the body but as time goes on, it generated fatigue.Caffeine raises the cholesterol. It disturbs digestion.People having more tea or coffee, suffering constipation and piles.It increses blood pressure as well as acidity.Excess of tea or Coffee in a day excites nervous systemwhich is why sleep is affected.It produce long-term headaches and irritability.

For Coffee users

It can interfere with the absorption of minerals by the body and will lead to the loss of calcium. It may harm to the stomach.The coffee will promote the secretion of gastric juice, increased gastric acid. Therefore, drinking too much coffee will cause discomfort stomach. Pregnant Women should not drink coffee.Coffee, may cause fetal abnormalities.

I would like to add some more facts about Tea and Coffee that we must know before drinking it too much.

Drinking too hot tea increases the risk of Esophageal cancer.

Drinking 3 to 4 cups of tea a day can prevent us from less chances of Heart attack.

Tea contains Fluoride which protects teeth

Tea contains a large amout of tanin which reduces the absorption of iron which can lead to Anemia.

Adding milk also stop the benifits of tea has against the cancer.

Coffee protects the liver especially against Cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Scintist study shown that drinking 8 or more cups of coffee a day significantly increases the risk of stillbirths.

On the whole above information which i have got from all the sourse, Tea and coffee has advantages as well as disadvantages to human body. The key is to control the amount when drinking coffee. Do not drink too much; otherwise it can only bring harms to human body.