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Restaurants in Chennai with Food option and multiple cuisines.

Recently i visited Chennai for personal purpose, there i came to know about beauty and culture of Chennai, though it was very short visit but amazing for me. Chennai is Metro city of India and capital city of state Tamil Nadu. This State is surrounded by three states and two seas; on its north region we can see Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, on west Region Kerala and west region see Bay of Bengal, lastly on South region Laccadive Sea. Tamil Nadu itself comes in south region of India.

About Chennai City 

Chennai City
I saw that it has all the necessity things which any Metro city needs to have. It is fully enriched with culture, that’s why it is also called "cultural capital of India". I can on collectively information that Chennai has developed as one of the cosmopolitan city in India which plays an important part in the cultural, intellectual and historical growth of India. There people are very cooperative. 

About Food in Chennai

Rice is the cardinal food of South India. This is the main reason why you will see most of the food items are made of rice. Even you will find it in their breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. There is no doubt that the food items served by Chennai people with hospitality really enticing and delicious. I'll say In addition to the traditional cuisine, you will get a different food from other regions of the country like including foreign cuisine. Mughlai cuisine, prepared in the style of Tamil, but also very tasty, very coveted and scope of the aroma of the spices. Now a days, in traditional Tamil cuisine adding a series of different dishes from other regions of India and abroad, a new variety of delicious and attractive cuisine elements.

Chennai has plentiful restaurants offering an choice of cuisine. If i say about Restaurants in Chennai than there you will find beach restaurants, buffet restaurants,  Veg , Non veg restaurants, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai and Multi cuisine restaurants in Chennai

Here i would like to share some Restaurants in Chennai of multiple choice and by popularity, user ratings and review.

Veg restaurants in Chennai: As more and more people are becoming concerned about health and healthy eating, Vegetarian diets coming in demand.Case study have shown that vegetarians often have lower incidence of hypertension,obesity, coronary artery disease, and some forms of cancer.

Veg Food

Here are some Veg restaurants available in Chennai namely - Murugan Idli Shop, B R Mathsya, Nalas Aappakadai, Eden Restaurant, Kailash Parbat Restaurant, Zaitoon Restaurant, Sangeetha Veg Restaurant, Simply South, Shree Aaryabhavan Hotels, Chennai 24.

Non veg restaurants in Chennai: As Non-vegetarian foods are rich in protein of high biological value and in especially Vit B complex B12 which is not available in plant foods.

Non Veg. Food

Here are some Non-Veg restaurants available in Chennai namely - Saravana Bhavan Restaurant, Kfc Restaurant, Rain Forest Restaurant, Cream Centre, Buhari Hotel, Cascade Restaurant, Sangeetha Fast Foods Restaurant, Mcdonalds Family Restaurant, Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant.

Buffet restaurants in Chennai: In simple words it is a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the food generally serve themselves or consisting of several dishes from which guests serve themselves.

Buffet System

Here are some Buffet restaurants available in Chennai - Fortel Hotel, The Pride Hotel, Drizzle Restaurant, New Andhra Meals Hotel, Copper Kitchen Restaurant, Lemon Grass Restaurant, Momo Restaurant, Spice Jar Restaurant, Main Street Restaurant.

Chinese restaurants in Chennai: Chinese food usually emphasize on rice, noodles and vegetables and is always associated with eating a healthy and well balanced food.

Chinese Food

Here are some Chinese restaurants available in Chennai namely - Mainland China Restaurant, Wangs Kitchen Restaurant, Cascade Restaurant, Fusion 9,China Town, Crescent Hotel, Wonton Restaurant.

Italian restaurants in Chennai: Pasta and pizza are traditionally Italian foods that are quite common around the world. One of the best part is that we can Save our heart and calories by opting dishes which contains with tomatoes, garlic, oregano, basil etc instead of the heavy fatty dishes that contain cream.

Italian Food

Here are some Italian restaurants available in Chennai namely - The Pasta Land,Parfait 3 Bistro,Simrans Aappa Kadai, Peaches Restaurant, Sangeetha Veg Restaurant, Eden Restaurant.

Mexican restaurants in Chennai: Mexican food is spicy, intense and full of variety, corn, and particularly corn tortillas, plays a fundamental role in
most all Mexican cuisine. If you looking for nutritious alternatives, Mexican food has the potential to benefit your health.

Mexican Food

Here are some Mexican restaurants available in Chennai namely - Drizzle Restaurant, Barbeque Nation Restaurant, Cream Centre, Fusion 9,Zara Tapas Restaurant, Cream & Salsa.

Thai restaurants in Chennai: Thai cuisine is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Lots of the ingredients used in Thai cooking are very beneficial to health, one common Thai dish, Tom Yum Soup has been under scientific study for its incredible health benefits.

Thai Food

Here are some Thai restaurants available in Chennai namely - Momo Restaurant, Drizzle Restaurant,3 Kingdoms, Sangeetha Veg Restaurant, Fusion 9,Benjarong.

Multi cuisine restaurants in Chennai: In simple words its style or method of cooking and type of foods that typify a country or region likes.

Multi cuisine restaurant

Here are some Thai restaurants available in Chennai namely -Barbeque Nation Restaurant, The Residency Towers, Saravana Bhavan Restaurant, Rain Forest Restaurant, Cream Centre, Ambica Empire, Dhabba Express Restaurant, Crimson Chakra Restaurant.

Hope this information will help you for your eat out in Chennai.


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